Glitter Silicone Blender Duo


Glitter Silicone Blender Duo


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Put an end to product waste by applying skincare and makeup with our expert silicone sponges.


These silicone sponges are designed to apply and blend skincare and makeup without absorbing a single drop of product! The smooth silicone surfaces ensure a flawless finish while using less product as product is not absorbed by the applicator! The larger blender is best for broader areas - perfect for applying skincare, primers and liquid foundation. The smaller blender works well for targeted makeup application like concealer.

how to use

Apply half of your usual amount of product directly to silicone blender, or dot evenly on face. Gently swipe product across the face, then bounce to blend and even application.


Thin plastic coating is part of the sponge and should not be removed. Do not use if outer plastic is punctured.


To clean, simply wash with mild soap and water. 

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