e.l.f. Discovery


By Jeanette Crutchfield

The reports are in... we’re sensing an e.l.f.ing glow storm coming your way! Have you ever wondered how to achieve the ultimate glowy look? Or which products give you the best glow? We’re giving you the ultimate glow routine in only 4 steps using some of our favorite glow products. Let’s get glowing!

Step 1: Prep Your Skin Properly to Get the Best Glow

It’s hard to get an amazing, glowing complexion if you don’t prep your skin first. You want to have clean skin to start, but you also want to have smooth skin. Exfoliating is a “must” prior to any glowy look. You want to polish away dead skin cells that could dim your glow. This can help to make your skin smoother, increase blood flow to the skin, and jumpstart your entire look. After you exfoliate your skin, you will want to put on a good nourishing moisturizer to seal in the hydration. This will help keep your skin smoother for longer. Try a gentle exfoliator to start your glow off right.

PRO TIP: Try adding 2-3 drops of your favorite facial oil to your regular moisturizer. The oils will kick up the nourishment to your skin and send your glow factor sky high!

Step 2: Prime Your Skin to Keep the Glow All Day

You work hard for your beautiful glowing skin and you want to keep that glow all day. That’s where a good primer will come in handy. It will help to seal in your skin care while giving a grippy base for your makeup to hold onto. There are primer formulas now that have skincare ingredients in them to further help you on your glow journey. Ingredients like niacinamide can give you an ultra-dewy reflective complexion helping you to maximize your glow. A great “glowy” primer to try is Power Grip Primer with Niacinamide.

Step 3: Use the Right Foundation to Create Your Luminous Canvas

Now that you are prepped and primed, you are ready to start your makeup! You will want to choose a luminescent foundation with a medium coverage. You want to even out your skin tone, however you also want to maintain that glow you’ve been working on. Medium coverage luminescent foundations work best as they still allow a little bit of glow from your skin care and your primer to come through, but they also have a little glow on their own.

If you do not have a glowing foundation, simply take your favorite foundation and add some liquid highlighter to it to help get the same effect. Regardless, try to get your foundation to have added skin care ingredients. You are wearing it on your face all day long, make your foundation work harder for you. Some great ingredients to look for include squalane to help moisturize your skin and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin, both of which help with a glowy complexion. A great foundation booster is Halo Glow Liquid Filter. You can use it as a foundation, as a highlighter, or mixed together to create your own custom glow foundation.

Step 4: Add Illuminating Color to Enhance Your Glow

Your canvas is looking spot-on and glowing, time to add some sculpting and dimension to your complexion using glowy makeup. This is where you can really have some fun with your glow. Use shimmery bronzers, blushes, and highlighters to add depth and even more glow exactly where you want. Try putting a luminous bronzer just under your cheeks, along the sides of your forehead, and even as an eye shadow to get a glowy summer look. A shimmery blush can be the perfect companion to spring. Add a pop of shimmery color to the apples of your cheeks and create a flushed monochromatic look that glows by using it as an eyeshadow as well. Last, apply shimmery highlighter anywhere and

The ultimate glow is truly achievable, helping you to feel healthier and happier anytime you want. Just remember to start your glow off by prepping your skin correctly and there’s no stopping you. Don’t let anyone ever tell you how much you can glow. You shine as bright as you’d like!

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