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Trend Alert: How to Get the TikTok Viral Cloud Skin Makeup Look

By Victoria Benitez

If you’ve seen Cloud Skin all over your TikTok FYP, you’re in the right place. This beauty trend speaks for itself, emphasizing a soft complexion reminiscent of clouds. Creating the perfect canvas is key to achieving this ethereal look, followed by a strategic method of layering makeup to create a one-of-a-kind celestial glow.

Ready to try a new take on matte skin? In a few simple steps, this cloud skin routine will look like it’s coming from within, with no streaks or visible texture. Its matte finish beautifully mimics your skin's natural texture, fluorescent glow, and fresh flush. The trick behind the look is skincare that melts into the skin and a balanced makeup routine that compliments your complexion. Slip into cloud skin with this modern take on matte makeup – just like your skin but softer. The skinifiaction of makeup is here and here to stay.

What is Cloud Skin?

We don’t play favorites, but cloud skin might be one of them. If you want to transform dull skin into luminous and soft skin reminiscent of fluffy clouds, this makeup trend is for you. Cloud Skin focuses on skincare first and makeup second. We’ll teach you all the techniques to recreate this look in five easy steps to get the look.

First, we’ll lock in moisture with the proper skin prep and lockout dry skin with dewy face products to create an ethereal base. Next, we’ll teach you the best techniques for strategically applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter for a soft-focus application. Then, we’ll set the skin to lock in the cloud skin look. Dive in and try this fresh take on matte skin together! Get ready for your best foundation finish yet. Let’s go!

Step One: Skin Prep for the Perfect Base

Our version of a horror movie begins with dry, dull skin. The solution starts with perfecting your best base and begins with skin prep! This modern take on matte makeup reduces the look of dry skin (without compromising on hydration!), so your makeup can last longer.

You’ll be able to avoid greasy makeup and keep unwanted shine come midday with a soft, plump complexion that celebrates your most natural skin.

To achieve the cloud skin look, you’ll want to prioritize hydration. This makeup trend puts an emphasis on nourished and luminous skin from within. A few skincare products to help you achieve this look are lightweight facial moisturizers and hydrating serums and oils. A moisturized base will help to brighten your complexion followed by a layer of a mattifying primer. By layering your skincare you’ll be able to maintain a lightweight and hydrated appearance when adding your makeup.

Step Two: Achieving a Flawless Canvas with Concealer and Foundation

Show of hands if you knew you could achieve a matte look while still having a luminous glow. When creating a cloud skin look, you’ll want to reach for lightweight formulas. Skip the full coverage matte formulas and search for a breathable foundation such as a demi-matte or satin finish foundation like the e.l.f. Soft Glam Foundation. When applying these kinds of foundations, you’ll notice that they’re equally long-lasting and provide full coverage while adding a subtle radiance to the skin. With a damp beauty blender or dense foundation brush (), apply the facial makeup targeting areas that need more coverage and lightly blend into the skin.

When choosing a concealer, look for a satin finish similar to our Hydrating Camo Concealer to restore some hydration to the skin. Use a dot sparingly to conceal the areas of concern, and gently blend the concealer.

Step Three: How to Perfect the Matte Makeup Look

After you’ve completed your foundation and concealer routine, you’ll want to ensure you set the makeup correctly and don’t over-powder during this step. Otherwise, you may mattify your entire look. We recommend focusing only on the areas that need the most coverage.

For a soft-finish focus, we reach for our Halo Glow Setting Powder, a loose powder that will give you control over exactly how much you need. If you’re ready for your cloud skin dreams to come true, this light-as-air formula is for you. To keep the skin looking fresh and radiant, lightweight powders help ensure natural coverage without caking or creasing. We recommend a damp beauty sponge or a soft blending brush to lightly dust a translucent setting powder onto areas needing the most coverage, like your t-zone, leaving the high points of your face untouched and glowy.

Step Four: Where to Apply Blush, Bronzer, and Highlight

Our current color mood board features a cloudy sunset and sky. Your skin is a living color palette, and the makeup you choose should reflect that! When selecting a blush, bronzer, and highlighter for cloud skin, it’s important to choose between matte or shimmer-free options to enhance your natural features.

For a healthy flush, find a matte blush in a rosy tone or sunny coral and focus on applying the blush to the apples of the cheeks to mimic a natural glow. Next up are bronzers that are matte and shimmer-free. Be sure to use a shade slightly deeper than your natural complexion; a subtle contour can be added with a bronzer. To add a dewy radiance, opt for a creamy or pearlescent highlighter and skip shimmer highlighters to avoid adding texture to the skin. Seamlessly blending all the products is essential to maintain the softness and cloud-like effect on your skin.

Step Five: Set Skin to Lock in the Cloud Skin Look

Set and lock in your makeup with two finishing setting products for the final step to your cloud skin look. For a long-lasting finish, we keep our setting powder handy to mattify any problem areas and a hydrating setting spray to replenish the skin. A finishing powder helps to fill in lines and smooth the skin—remember to dust the powder sparingly to avoid over-powdering and mattifying the skin. The hydrating face mist, like the e.l.f. Power Grip Setting Spray renews and refreshes the skin with thirst-quenching ingredients.

Pairing the two together creates a skin-drenching duo that locks in moisture and controls excess shine. The setting powder helps create a soft-focus effect for that cloud-like complexion, while the setting spray brings out the skin’s natural luminosity. Your skin’s natural sun-kissed warmth will peak through, and you, too, will be on cloud nine after trying this new look.

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