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Beyond the Basics: Your Advanced Guide to Makeup Brushes and Tools

If you’ve read our Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brushes, then you already know how to use a handful of brushes. But what about the more unique brushes? In this article, we’re going deeper into the world of makeup brushes and exploring different professional brushes and their uses.

Whether you're a makeup newbie or a total pro, this guide is about to become your holy grail for all things brushes. Get ready to unlock pro techniques and e.l.f.ing wow results with these versatile tools!

Precision Foundation Swirl Brush

Liquid foundation has never looked this good!

This precision foundation brush features a built-in fluid reservoir to blend foundation seamlessly for a skin-like finish. Its triangular handle allows for even coverage and ultimate control over the application. With a precision brush you can simply add the foundation to the center of the brush and apply to the face by buffing onto the skin using a circular, swirling motion and repeat for fuller coverage.

Even though the primary use of a precision foundation brush is to apply foundation, you can also use this liquid foundation brush to blend in cream bronzers, blush, and highlighter.

Precision Powder Brush

Get flawless powder application with the e.l.f. Precision Powder Brush! This soft, fluffy brush is designed specifically for applying powder products like foundation, blush, bronzer and loose powder. The rounded shape and dense, tapered bristles allow you to buff product into skin seamlessly.

  • To use with a loose powder, tap the brush into the powder, swirl the brush into the cap working the powder into the brush. This helps to diffuse it better across the skin.

  • To use with pressed powder, swirl the brush over the powder and then swirl it into the cap (just like with loose powder). You’ll get a beautiful soft finish that helps to set your makeup for long lasting wear.

PRO TIP: A fluffy powder brush is not just for your face! Use it on your body to add powder bronzer and highlighter to the front of your legs, décolleté, shoulders. You can even use it to put fine glitter all over your body. Be sure to wash your brush before you use it on your face again otherwise you might end up with glitter all over your face!

Precision Airbrush Blender

The e.l.f. precision airbrush blender brush is a game-changer for achieving that flawless, airbrushed makeup look. This innovative brush is designed to seamlessly blend and buff makeup for a smooth, even finish that looks like it was applied by a pro.

What makes this brush a must-have in your makeup bag? First off, its unique shape and densely packed bristles allow for precise application and blending, even in those hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and eyes. Plus, the soft, synthetic bristles are gentle on the skin while still providing excellent coverage and blendability. Whether you're using liquid, cream, or powder formulas, this brush will be your new BFF for a seamless, natural-looking beat. So go ahead and snag this beauty score - your makeup routine just leveled up!

Precision Sculpting Brush

The e.l.f. precision sculpting brush is a must-have in your makeup bag for achieving a flawless, chiseled makeup look. This makeup brush is designed with densely packed, angled bristles that effortlessly sculpt and define your features. Whether you're creating killer cheekbones or adding depth to your contour, this brush delivers precise application and seamless blending.

Not only can you use this face brush for contouring, but it's also perfect for bronzing, baking, and even applying powder highlighters. Its compact size and angled shape allows you to reach those hard-to-get areas, like the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your nose. Plus, the soft, synthetic bristles ensure a smooth, streak-free finish every time.

Precision Dual-Sided Eyebrow Brush

This eyebrow brush is a must for achieving perfectly groomed and defined brows! This versatile brush features an angled side with firm bristles to precisely fill in and shape your brows. The spoolie side helps blend and groom for a natural-looking finish.

With its dual functionality and affordable price, the e.l.f. dual-sided eyebrow brush is an e.l.f.ing game-changer for nailing your brow game every single time. Get your hands on this beauty score and watch your brow slay levels go through the roof!

Pro Eyelash Curler

Upgrading your old eyelash curler to a premium eyelash curler can give you that extra long-lasting, eye-opening lift for lashes that appear longer and more voluminous. Premium eyelash curlers with ergonomic handles make for a more comfortable, easy-to-use experience. If you’re new to the eyelash curler game, simply center your lashes between the top and bottom of the curler and slowly squeeze the handles together. We recommend holding for about 10-15 seconds, and then release. Follow with your favorite mascara.