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Here's How Long You Should Wait In Between Applying Moisturizer and Face Primer

By Jeanette Crutchfield

What is Face Primer?

A face primer is used to help prep your skin before you put your foundation on. There are many types of primers that are designed to do different things. The key is finding a primer that will help you with your skin and makeup needs. Once you’ve found your perfect primer, you also want to make sure you are layering it correctly.

How to Choose the Right Face Primer?

Face primers can have many benefits: smooth your skin, help hydrate it, control oil, minimize fine lines, give you a soft-focus effect, refine your pores, help grip your makeup for all day wear and more. Choose a primer based on your own skin needs. If you are concerned with blemishes, try Acne Fighting Putty Primer-1.8% Salicylic Acid to get a flawless and even complexion while fighting future breakouts. If you are concerned with the appearance of pores, Poreless Putty Primer helps give a poreless, flawless complexion with a smooth, velvety texture. If you are looking for a primer to help your makeup stay put all day, then face primer is perfect to give your skin a natural finish while gripping your makeup for all day wear.

Why is Layering Primer Correctly So Important?

If you layer your primer incorrectly you could increase the risk of some major makeup headaches. You could end up with your skin looking dry. Your foundation could “pill”. “Pilling” is when you are applying your foundation and you get little balls of product that gum up and make your skin not look as smooth. Your foundation could also slide off and not stay put where you want it to. There is a specific order that skincare, primer, and foundations must go in to ensure a smooth, long-lasting look.

How to Layer Moisturizer and Face Primer Correctly

  1. The first step to ensure a perfect primer application is to complete your skincare first. You will want to cleanse your skin and moisturize it. A great hydrator to try is the Holy Hydration! Face Cream. It can give you a powerful boost of hydration giving you more luminous skin.

  2. After you’ve applied your moisturizer, let it set a minute before applying your sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen will help protect your skin. It is the last step of your skincare routine and goes on before makeup or primer. Try Suntouchable Whoa Glow SPF 30 for a lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen that will leave your skin with a glowing radiance. Let the sunscreen set a minute before moving on to the next step.

  1. Next is applying the primer.You want to make sure that your skincare has fully absorbed into your skin before applying it. This will minimize the chance of your foundation “pilling”. For best results, use your fingers to apply primer. The warmth of your fingers will help the product melt into your skin for a smoother and more even application. Let the primer set for at least 30 seconds before applying makeup.

  2. Apply your Color Correctors and/or Favorite Foundation to your skin and see how much smoother your complexion looks after using a primer first.