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Meet the Liquid Blush of Your Dreams: e.l.f’s Camo Liquid Blush and How to Apply

By Brooke Sager

Whether you’re a makeup pro or newbie, blush most likely has a place in your cosmetic bag. It’s a beloved makeup product that’s widely used for adding a flattering kiss of color to your cheeks and enhancing your overall complexion.

Blush comes in a wide range of formulas, colors and finishes—but as of late, liquid blush has been having its moment in the spotlight, thanks to its bold, buildable pigment, effortless blendability, and deliciously dewy finish.

Enter our new Camo Liquid Blush: the best liquid blush to give your cheeks the natural-looking rosy glow of your dreams.

This long-lasting liquid blush is ultra-pigmented, allowing you to build and layer to achieve the perfect pop of color. The lightweight formula easily blends out into a soft, glowy finish (plus, the rounded, grooved applicator makes application a breeze). As an added perk, our liquid blush formula is infused with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, rose flower water, and hibiscus flower extract (your skin can rejoice!). Available in a range of nine gorgeous shades, there’s a Camo Liquid Blush to enhance every cheek and complexion.

If you’re ready to add liquid blush to your makeup arsenal, read on to learn everything there is to know about how to apply liquid blush, how to choose your go-to blush formula and how to get the most mileage out of your application.

What is Liquid Blush?

Liquid blush is a makeup product that adds a high-pigment pop of color to your face and cheeks for a healthy-looking, glowy flush.

Thanks to the nature of the pigment-packed liquid formula, these blushes are typically long-lasting and ideal for building and layering color to your desired intensity. One of the big reasons they have taken off in popularity is because they are easy to use—liquid blush blends beautifully into your base foundation, cc cream or tinted moisturizer, and can be applied with your fingers or a blush brush to boost the look of your natural skin tone.

Liquid blush come in a variety of finishes (e.g., matte, dewy, shimmery, pearlescent) and a range of colors to best complement your complexion—from pink, to peach, taupe, orange, red, and brown. Plus, these hydrating liquid formulas are great for those with oily, combination and dry skin.

How to Apply Liquid Blush

Ready to get cheeky? Apply your Camo Liquid Blush color like a pro in three easy steps for a glowy makeup look that’s flattering as e.l.f.:

  • Step 1: After you have cleansed and moisturized your face and applied your foundation (if desired), use the doe foot applicator of your liquid blush to apply one dot of color to the apple of each cheek.

    Pro Tip: Find the “apple” by smiling, and look for the part of your cheeks that becomes full and round. And remember: liquid blush is loaded with pigment, so a little goes a long way!

  • Step 2: Using the angled brush head of your liquid blush brush, begin stippling and blending your color into your skin using circular motions. You want to work upward from the apples of your cheeks toward your temples.

  • Step 3: Customize your blush look. You can leave as is for a softer daytime flush, or repeat steps 1 and 2 as desired to amp up the color intensity.

Is Liquid Blush Better than Powder Blush?

When it comes to choosing liquid blush versus powder blush, it really comes down to personal preference.

Many beauty lovers incorporate liquid blush formulas into their routines because they glide easily across the skin and deliver that luminous, dewy finish that resembles a natural flush.

Plus, liquid blushes have incredible staying power. You may not even be thinking about it, but your cheeks see a lot of physical contact throughout the day—from holding your phone to your face, to taking off layers of clothing, or resting your head in your hands at your desk. All this action can lead to your blush disappearing long before the day’s end. We love our new Camo Liquid Blush because it’s lightweight, yet delivers long-lasting, high-pigment color to your cheeks—no fading or reapplication necessary over here!

If you stan powder formulas and more of a matte finish, our OG powder blushes remain fan favorites (plus, they can be layered on top of our new liquid blush for a bolder look).

How To Make Your Blush Last All Day

Our highly pigmented Camo Liquid Blush has some very impressive staying power, but adding these best practices to your makeup routine will only further ensure your blush blends beautifully and stays put—from your morning Zoom call to evening dinner plans:

  • Moisturize first: A clean, well-moisturized canvas is a must for achieving a smooth blush application that lasts—that’s why you should always wash your face, exfoliate and apply moisturizer to your skin as a first step. Dry, flaky skin can repel makeup instead of absorb it, making your blush look uneven and more likely to rub off.

  • Use makeup primer: Face primer is your ultimate makeup prep step, helping to grip your blush (and other beauty products) while encouraging a smooth-as-butter application for a long-lasting look.

  • Pair with liquid foundation: Liquid foundation, cc cream or tinted moisturizer provide a nice creamy base for your liquid blush to blend into, resulting in a naturally glowy look and better color retention.

  • Work in layers: After applying your liquid blush, double down by adding a layer of powder blush on top of it—the two formulas will grip each other for a look that lasts longer. Pro tip: add product in stages so you don’t end up with cheek color that’s too bold.

  • Lock in your look: As a final step to help your blush stay intact for hours, apply a dusting of setting powder over your cheeks and finish with a misting of makeup setting spray.

Do You Put Liquid Blush Under or Over Foundation?

Doing your makeup is an artform—meaning, there isn’t a “wrong” way to apply liquid blush. You can apply liquid blush under or over your foundation—in fact, using different application techniques is a great way to create a range of looks using the same products. A win-win!

For a more subtle flush, try applying your liquid blush first, then follow up with your favorite light coverage liquid foundation on top of it. This will let the liquid blush color shine through and give your complexion that gorgeous “blushing from within” look.

Want a more noticeable blush color? Start with your liquid foundation as a base, then dab liquid blush on top of that for a more vibrant look. If you realize you took things a little too far and need to dial down your rosy hue, you can always blend it out with translucent finishing powder.

Blush Formulas We Love

At e.l.f., we encourage you to customize your makeup routine and own your beauty. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality blushes in a variety of formulas and finishes—your originality is our inspo! Get ready to find your flush as we break down some of our most popular blush formulas:

  • Liquid Blush: If you’re after that lit-from-within flush, look no further than our new Camo Liquid Blush! The pigment-packed formula delivers long-lasting color that builds easily into your base makeup and gives your look a dewy finish.

  • Putty Blush: This unique cream-to-powder blush has a lightweight, putty-like texture that blends seamlessly into your skin. The buildable Putty Blush formula delivers medium pigment and leaves cheeks with a semi-matte finish. For an easy-as-e.l.f. application, use with our Putty Blush Brush.

  • Blush Beauty Wand: Blush wands took off on social media this year. The Halo Glow Blush Beauty Wand is our take on the trend, offering a buildable liquid formula that gives your cheeks a radiant wash of color and instant luminosity (plus, the wand’s cushion-tip applicator delivers an easy-as-e.l.f. application).

  • Powder Blush: Ever-popular powder blush is arguably the easiest to apply and it’s ideal for adding subtle matte color to your cheeks. If makeup is your playground, you’ll love our award-winning Powder Blush Palette. This quad comes with four complementary shades that allow you to mix and match to create different looks.

Tutorial for Applying Liquid Blush