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How to Correctly Use Makeup Sticks

By Jeanette Crutchfield

What are Makeup Sticks?

Multi-use makeup sticks are trending, but what’s really the hype behind them? And how do you use them?

Makeup sticks are solid forms of makeup that come in a variety of different forms. Some of these forms include foundation sticks, blush sticks, contour sticks, highlight sticks, and so on. These usually come in a cream formula that seamlessly melt onto the skin for easy application. Makeup sticks are usually compact as well, making these makeup products easy for on-the-go application.

Why Everyone Loves Makeup Sticks

One of the main reasons why makeup sticks are so loved is how compact they are. Not only can you take makeup sticks on the go, but they're also convenient for traveling, as well as super easy to use. Having a highly portable makeup routine is a must. Makeup sticks typically are creamy, which also make them easy to blend. You can swipe the stick of color directly onto your skin using your fingers to blend. Use your favorite brushes and sponges for an even more seamless look.

Foundation Sticks

Foundation sticks can help to achieve a fresh, healthy-looking glow and typically come in natural satin finishes. Foundation sticks easily melt into the skin, and need little blending. You can simply swipe the foundation stock across your face for an all-over-coverage look (or keep it minimal for a more simple look), and blend in with your fingers. You can also find foundation sticks with skin-loving ingredients such as castor seed oil, safflower seed oil, vitamin E, and many more.

PRO TIP: When choosing your perfect foundation stick shade, choose three! One in a lighter tone, darker tone, and one your skin tone. This way, you can use one as a concealer stick, contour stick, and foundation stick.

Multi-Use Makeup Sticks

Multi-use makeup sticks have multiple uses being that they are so versatile. Even though blush sticks are usually designed for the cheeks, this doesn’t mean you can’t also use these on your eyes or lips (unless stated otherwise, of course).

The allure of makeup sticks is that you can use one stick for multiple uses, whether it be for your eyes, cheeks, highlight, or lips. Makeup sticks are the ultimate makeup product for portability and ease. Today’s formulas are typically cream-to-powder allowing you the blendability of a cream with the staying power of a powder. They are lightweight and virtually foolproof while blending seamlessly into your skin.

Highlighter Sticks

For the easiest way to apply highlighter, a stick may be the preferred format. You can get a healthy glow with a simple swipe. Apply it above your cheek bones, under your brow bone, and on your cupid’s bow, but don’t stop there. A few swipes of a stick on your collarbones can make your can give you a pop of color.

You can use the highlighter sticks before your makeup for a more subdued glow, after your makeup to really turn the shine up, or even with no other makeup at all for a fresh-faced glow.

Eyeshadow Sticks

A makeup stick that people tend to forget about are eyeshadow sticks. They can look intimidating but truly are a fool-proof way to do your eye makeup. Simply swipe it across your entire lid and blend with your finger.

To get a contoured eye look, try putting a neutral color all over your lid and then using a deeper shade to define your crease. Then simply blend with your finger.