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By Jeanette Crutchfield

Whether you stayed up late studying or stayed out late the night before, you may have woken up the next morning with dreaded puffy under-eye bags and dark circles. However, once you know what can cause dark circles to appear under the eyes, a few hacks to prep the eye area, and which eye makeup to use to disguise them, you can get a bright, wide-awake look and no one will know how late you really stayed up the night before.

Stay up Late Studying? Here’s Why That Can Contribute to Dark Under Eye Circles

According to the Mayo Clinic, dark circles under the eyes are usually caused by lack of sleep and being tired. However, the number of hours of sleep is not the only thing that can contribute to the purple shadows under the eyes. Sometimes, what looks like dark undereye circles can be attributed to hollows underneath the eyes or puffy eyelids that can cast a shadow under the eye area. These shadows can make it look like the eye circles are puffy and dark.

Allergies, including year-round allergies as well as seasonal allergies, are also a known contributor to darkness and puffiness under the eyes. Allergies can cause the eyes to be irritated which can make the eye area look and feel worse while making the under eyes more susceptible to dark circles and puffy bags.

While measures can be taken to reduce allergies, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to completely prevent dark circles and puffy eye bags from forming under the eyes. Hereditary factors and genetics can have an impact on these under-eye conditions as well. It’s more likely for dark circles and under-eye bags to form if family members have these same under-eye conditions.

Regardless of what contributed to dark circles and undereye bags, there are ways to minimize their appearance including prepping the eye area with home remedies, applying skincare designed specifically for the treatment of the under-eye area, and using cosmetics to disguise and camouflage the darkness helping to give a more rested, bright, and wide-awake look.

Eye Creams & Serums

Try using an eye cream or serum designed specifically for treating the delicate eye area and that is formulated to help minimize dark eye circles. Used before eye makeup, many of these eye products can deeply moisturize the eye area, minimize dark circles, and help the eye area look more awake, refreshed, and brightened. Infused with skin-loving ingredients, e.l.f. Cosmetics Holy Hydration! Eye Cream is a great choice to nourish and hydrate the eyes while helping to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

Cold Compress

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help the area under the eyes look its best is to use a cold compress over the puffy and discolored area.  The coldness of the compress helps to constrict dilated blood vessels underneath the eye area which can contribute to the darkness and puffiness under the eyes.  This method will not completely get rid of dark circles and eye bags; however, it can help refresh the eye area and prep it for makeup.  The supplies needed to do a cold compress can be found at home and do not require any special tools or equipment.  Simply take a cold, damp washcloth or even a chilled spoon and hold it over the eye area for 10 minutes to soothe the entire undereye and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


One of the most iconic home remedies for minimizing dark circles is to use slices of cold cucumbers and place them over the eye area while relaxing.  While it is not known if it’s what’s in the cucumbers that help reduce the appearance of dark circles, or if it’s because the chilled cucumber acts as a cold compress, this is one home remedy that continues to be popular.  To DIY at home, peel the skin off a cucumber, cut into thin slices, and place them gently over closed eyes.  Relax as long as needed.

How to Fix Dark Under-Eye Circles with Makeup

Eye brightener is a great product that will do exactly what its name says, brighten up the eye area. Eye brighteners use light-reflecting particles to diffuse the darkness under the eyes and reflect brightness helping the eye area look refreshed and wide awake. Simply pat the brightener over the darkness until blended in. Concealer can be applied over the brightener if desired.

A color corrector can also be used to minimize dark circles. Where an eye brightener uses light-reflecting particles to disguise discoloration, a color corrector uses the art of color theory to make eye circles look as if they magically disappeared. To balance out the dark purple and blue tones of under-eye circles, try choosing a color corrector in an orange shade.

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