e.l.f. Discovery

By Jeanette Crutchfield

Eye primer is one of the most under-rated cosmetics out there. The difference between eye makeup that looks good and eye makeup that looks AMAZING is usually because of eye primer. All the gorgeous eye makeup looks we see on social media? Almost all of them use an eye primer first. Read on to learn what an eye primer is, how to use one, and some pro tips to nail your next eye makeup look.

What is an Eyeshadow Primer?

Eyeshadow primer is a liquid or cream product that you put on your eyelid before you put any other eye makeup on. It is used to help your eyeshadow and eyeliner go on smoother and stay on longer. They are pigmented to help your eyeshadow colors look more true and vibrant as well as help color correct any natural pigment on your lids. Primer can also help your eye makeup last longer. Think of it as double-stick tape for your eyeshadow, helping it stay put all day long. You can also find eye primers that absorb excess oil to help prevent creasing.

How to Use Eyeshadow Primer

Using either a flat eyeshadow brush or a flat concealer brush, pat the eyeshadow primer onto the eyelid, blending thoroughly. Go from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, and from the lash line up to the brow line.

You can also put a little under your lower lashes if you are going to be putting eyeshadow there. Try not to rub the primer into place, but instead pat the eye primer in until it’s fully blended. Let the primer fully set before applying your eye makeup.

Pro Tips

  • Having trouble correcting under-eye dark circles? We recommend putting a layer of eyeshadow primer under the eyes, then going over it with a color correcting concealer.

  • Brows not as full as you’d like? Pat a little eye primer on your brows before using a brow pencil or brow powder. This will help your brow color stay put throughout the day.

  • Because eye primers typically have oil controlling properties, try putting an eye primer on and around your breakouts before putting on your foundation or concealer. It will help control excess oil as well as help your foundation and concealer stay put.

  • Want to wear a bold red lip but are afraid it might bleed and feather? Put a little eye primer around your lips prior to your foundation. It will help keep the red color contained to your lips rather than bleeding everywhere.

  • Out of eye primer? Use a full-coverage mattifying concealer instead to get a similar effect.