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[Miles] Hey, guys. It's Miles, the senior product development manager at e.l.f. Cosmetics. [Anna]I'm Anna, the global makeup artist, and we are here today to talk about our Holy Grail products here at e.l.f.

[Miles] All right. So, we love our mini Bite-size Eyeshadow Palettes. These come in lots of different shade combinations. You can do a complete look. They're easy to travel with. They come with a matte and shimmer.

[Anna] Next up, we have our liquid glitter eyeshadows. This is infused with multi-dimensional glitters and pearls, and it gives you that one-swipe coverage. It does come in a variety of shades. This is quick-drying and long-wearing gel-based eyeshadow formula, which is actually really great when you want to apply for the day and you want to make sure that the glitters have minimal fallout.

[Miles] I love to use these glitter eyeshadows on either the inner corner of the eye or on our inner lid and just basically blend with my finger. For a more precise application, you can use the included applicator, but I prefer to give just a really soft wash of color by using my finger.

[Anna] I also like to use these when I'm doing a halo eye. I'll take any of the brighter shades and pop them in the center. Our number one selling liquid glitter eyeshadow in Flirty Birdie because it looks really good on every skin tone, which I absolutely love. This is in my kit, and I definitely, whenever I want to glam it up real quick, just pop it on my eye, and I'm done.

[Miles] Yep. Love it. Next up, we have our No Budge Retractable Liner. This is an ultra-black, smudge-proof, waterproof, eyeliner pencil that is ideal for the inner lash line, the waterline, or all over. You can use this as an eyeshadow base, and it has enough play time that you can smudge it and give it that smoky effect, but it doesn't move once it sets.

[Anna] I love to have this, because you can tight-line and make your lashes look a little bit thicker. I like to smudge this out to give you that smudged-out liner look as well. Literally it's a true black and really stays put. It's a real winner.

[Anna] Here we have our Instant Lift Brow Pencil. This is a dual-ended retractable eyebrow pencil that comes in six different shades. It's super ultra-fine that you can get hairlike strokes to give you that soft natural brow, and it really put us on the map for one of the top brands for our brow products.

[Miles] What I love about this one is that it's soft enough that you can blend with the spoolie in the back. You get that more natural, effortless-looking brow or even an ombre brow, if you want to. Applying small hair-like strokes in the front and then blending those out gives you a very diffuse color.

[Anna] Yep. It's an effortless brow pencil.

[Miles] That's a kit essential for me.

[Miles] This is the Lip Exfoliator. It's one of the first e.l.f. products that I ever used personally, but it's been around for a long time and one of the most iconic e.l.f. products ever. What we did was combine the exfoliating benefits of brown sugar with some really nourishing conditioning waxes and oils, like jojoba, vitamin E, Shea butter, and avocado oil to give your lips a soft, nourished effect.

[Anna] What I love about this is that if you have worn a bright stain color on your lips and you can't get that off, this is actually great to get it off for your treatment at nighttime. If you ever feel that you have that dry flakiness to your lip, this is absolutely amazing, because it will help smooth out the texture of your lip so that way, you can apply that lipstick for that really nice, smooth application. I mean, it's great because you don't have to dip your finger like others have. This is straight lipstick bullet, so you don't have to touch it. It's very convenient.

[Miles] Very sanitary too, right?

[Anna] Our next Holy Grail product is our Lip Lacquers, and it is very nourishing and a non-sticky formula. It is infused with vitamin E, which will help give you that extra hydration and moisturization to the lips. This gives you a sheer wash of color, which is really nice because you can put it as is, or you can put it on top of any lipstick that you have.

[Miles] Lip lacquer is one of those glosses that everyone loves, and it doesn't hurt to have multiple, like you said. But my favorite, favorite thing about this lip gloss is the flexible applicator. It hugs your lips and applies so evenly. This is our Total Face Beauty Sponge. It is a universal beauty sponge that is ideal for blending out foundation and concealer, and what I love about this non-latex beauty sponge is it has a really, really soft bouncy texture, so it effortlessly blends your foundation or concealer without disrupting the product underneath it. It has a flat side to get those larger areas or your body. I use this often on my body or on the neck, and then this tighter area, you can get really underneath your eyes for a really beautiful application.

[Anna] It's my favorite. What I love about this is the actual slant. The curvature of this sponge helps hug the curves of the f I love to pat in and give you that ultimate coverage when you do need the spot coverage for your concealer or your foundation, which will give you that effortless, flawless blend to your makeup.

[Miles] You're just stamping your little sponge and blend away. All right, guys. Thanks so much for watching. We hope you learned something about our favorite Holy Grail products.

[Anna] Let us know what your favorite Holy Grail products are in the comments below. Bye.

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