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What Does Setting Spray Do?

By Victoria Benitez

If you haven't added a setting spray to your makeup routine, let us put you on. With the right setting spray, you can lock in your makeup all day and night for all your activities. Whether you're looking for a dewy, matte, or natural finish, we’ve got a setting spray for you. Our range of setting sprays caters to all skin types and locks in makeup while creating a flawless canvas that’ll keep your makeup looking fresh and glowy all day. Trust us, you’ll only need one wear test to prove why you shouldn’t skip this essential step in your beauty routine. Lock everything into place and opt in for full, skin-like coverage that lasts. Grip and set your makeup in no time with a few sprays with added skincare benefits.

Ready to ditch patchy and melted makeout? Find your perfect setting spray match. Let’s go!

What is Setting Spray?

Long days call for long wear setting sprays. We love a multi-use product, and our setting sprays are best known for prolonging makeup wear and maintaining a flawless appearance. Each setting spray comes in a liquid form and is sprayed onto the face in a fine mist. The spray creates a protective layer over makeup, helping it to create smudge-proof looks, prevent fading, and transfer throughout the day. Simply mist your preferred setting and spray evenly all over the face 6 to 8 inches away from the face to lock in makeup all day. For best results, allow the setting spray to dry naturally.

What are e.l.f.'s Different Types of Setting Spray?

Discovering your makeup’s saving grace for long-lasting looks and all-day wear just got much simpler. Take the guesswork out of your beauty routine with five setting sprays with different benefits and ways to customize your routine for your dream makeup base. Let’s meet your match!

The Power Grip Dewy Setting Spray offers a dewy finish, hydrates, and enhances makeup grip with ingredients like aloe leaf, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and green tea seed oil. Stay All Night Blue Light Micro-Setting Mist provides a matte finish, absorbs blue light, and sets makeup with elderflower and aloe. Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist ensures a matte finish and long-lasting makeup for up to 16 hours and contains cucumber fruit, aloe, and green tea leaf extract. Dewy Coconut Setting Mist imparts a dewy finish, hydrates, and sets makeup using coconut, green tea, and cucumber. Lastly, Suntouchable All Set for Sun is a sunscreen makeup setting spray with Broad-spectrum SPF 45. What’s not to love!?

Should You Put Setting Spray on Before or After Makeup?

The secret to ensuring a long-lasting makeup look starts with skin prep. After your skincare routine, we suggest using a setting spray before and after your makeup application for longevity and a flawless finish. We’ve found that this makeup hack provides the best results. A little spritz of setting spray on a clean face can prime the skin and set the tone for how your makeup will wear throughout the day. We’ve found that makeup adheres best to the skin when a setting spray is used before and after makeup application.

If your approach to makeup is more minimalistic, another great beauty tip is applying your preferred setting spray directly to your damp makeup blending sponge while applying foundation to the skin to enhance longer wear. We’ve found that this combination of mixing a setting spray directly with a foundation also allows for true complexion perfection—it’s our personal favorite power duo for long-lasting looks.

Do You Need to Use Both Makeup Primer and Setting Spray?

The short answer will always be yes! The two products we always recommend every skin type can (and probably should) use are settings sprays and primers! Why? These powerhouse products were made to enhance your skin and makeup looks for long-lasting results. Using makeup primer and setting spray is recommended for the best long-wear makeup.

A face primer will blur the skin and fill in fine lines and pores. Its primary job is to prep the skin for a flawless base. A setting spray is also an essential step to grip and lock in makeup to last throughout the day. Both products help adhere the makeup onto the skin to extend wear time and withstand unexpected daily struggles such as sweat, humidity, and other environmental elements. When combined, this makeup duo helps ensure a seamless makeup application and a natural finish to all your signature looks.

Which is Better, Setting Spray or Setting Powder?

Let’s raise the bar for all your makeup looks with two products that guarantee locked-in makeup for all-day wear. Depending on your desired finish and application preference, you can opt for a light mist setting spray or a setting powder. The Power Grip Dewy Setting Spray might just become the most-used item in your makeup bag, and we don’t blame you. Its unique bi-phase formula combines moisturizing oils with makeup-gripping water, such as Squalane, Green Tea Seed Oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, and Hyaluronic Acid. When shaken, the product activates to ensure makeup sets and stays in place while providing hydrating benefits with its infused ingredients. Simply shake the bottle, mist all over the face from 6” inches away pre-makeup to prep the skin and post-makeup to set the face. Dewy skin is in – this setting spray’s formula doesn’t mess around and will leave your skin radiant and hydrated.

Our Halo Glow Setting Powder is another option if you’re looking for a more semi-matte to matte finish. This setting powder will smooth pores with its silky texture, giving a natural complexion finish with its weightless formula. Its soft, loose powder blends into the skin for a velvety, soft finish, leaving your skin to appear airbrushed. You can even combine the two products by applying the Power Grip Dewy Setting Spray for a hydrated base, then lightly dust the Halo Glow Setting Powder to set your makeup. Your setting spray (and powder) should work as hard as you do! Ours primes and protects your makeup, making it seamlessly fit into your beauty routine. Both of these long-lasting formulas won’t disappoint.