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While we can’t completely get rid of the pores on our face, we can incorporate skincare products to help minimize the appearance of them. The first step is to put away your magnified mirror.  Obsessing over the size of your pores in a piece of glass that is only making them look bigger than they actually are is no way to spend an afternoon.  No one is ever going to be that close to your face to see your pores that closely.  Not even your facialist gets that close to your face.  So put the magnifying mirror down.

Dealing with large pores doesn’t have to feel like a losing battle though.  There are things you can do to minimize the appearance of your pores.  Choosing the right primer and applying it correctly can have a huge impact on how smooth your skin looks.  And the same goes for your makeup.  Choosing formulas that work with your pores rather than against them will have you looking more flawless in no time.

What Does Poreless Face Primer Do and How Does it Work?

How does poreless primer work? It’s magic! Just kidding... It may seem like a smooth blur primer can work magic, but they are purposefully designed to help smooth out our skin texture and grip our makeup for longer wear. They will oftentimes use ingredients such as silica or dimethicone which smooths over your complexion, evens out your skin textures, and blurs large pores to minimize their appearance. They provide a great base that makes makeup go on smoother.

Should You Put Face Primer on Before Moisturizer?

There’s some confusion on when exactly you should apply your face primer. Regardless of your skin type, you should always apply face primer after your skincare routine. A makeup primer is designed to be a barrier of sorts to help seal in your skincare while gripping your makeup for long-lasting wear. If you put your moisturizer on after your primer, all those yummy hydrating ingredients will not be able to absorb into your skin. So, always apply your face primer after moisturizing your skin. Make sure you let your moisturizer fully absorb before applying your face primer so that the primer can fully grip onto your skin and avoid pilling.

5 Makeup Tips That Will Have Your Pores Looking Flawless

Tip 1. Use the Right Primer

When you want a more flawless-looking complexion, try choosing a makeup primer that helps to smooth out the appearance of pores. Look for formulas with either silica or dimethicone as those ingredients help to smooth, blur, and disguise the appearance of pores on your complexion.

The ultimate skin-perfecting face primer is a blurring, poreless face primer. It’s perfect for those who want to minimize the look of pores and have a smoother, more flawless-looking complexion. The ultra-velvety texture smooths over your skin and blurs the appearance of pores making it a great choice for those looking for a primer for large pores.

After you’ve cleansed and moisturized your face, allow your face cream to absorb before applying your pore-minimizing primer. Apply the liquid face primer evenly to face and pat into skin. Allow your face primer to set for about 60 seconds and then finish up the rest of your makeup routine.

Tip 2. Choose a Semi-Matte/Matte Foundation

Once you have the right makeup primer on, the type of foundation you choose can impact the appearance of your pores. While a dewy foundation may give you a gorgeous glow, it can also accentuate your pores and make them look larger. A matte foundation or even a semi-matte foundation can help to disguise large pores making them look less noticeable.

For the ultimate pore-battling foundation application, press your foundation into your skin with a makeup sponge a little at a time. This will help the product blend into the skin smoothing over imperfections.

Tip 3. Try a Primer-Infused Powder Foundation

Primer-infused face powders can help to create a flawless-looking complexion that looks as if it were airbrushed. You can wear them by themselves for a lighter coverage or you can use it over your liquid foundation to enhance the coverage.

Choosing a powder foundation with a primer built into it helps to blur your pores even more. Just as with a liquid foundation, choose a tinted powder that is matte or semi-matte. To apply a primer-infused powder foundation, you can get a fuller coverage by using a makeup sponge to gently buff the powder into your complexion. For a softer look, a buffing brush works beautifully to buff just the right amount of powder onto your skin giving you a light-as-air feel.

Tip 4. Set Your Makeup with a Blurring Translucent Powder

Once you’ve completed your makeup, there are still things you can do to help with the appearance of pores throughout the day. Choosing the right setting powder can make a difference in the texture of your skin. Look for setting powders that mention being “finely-milled” or designed for “high-definition”. These will have powder particles that are smaller and will go on much smoother for a super soft effect. These types of setting powders help to blur texture and other imperfections on the skin (including pores!) to give you a softer, smoother finish.To apply a blurring setting powder, use a big, fluffy powder brush. Swirl the brush onto the powder and tap once to get any excess powder off the brush. Then brush the powder onto your complexion in soft smooth strokes to set your makeup and keep your pores looking smoother.

Tip 5. Minimize Touch-Ups with a Setting Spray

Once you’ve completed your look and there’s barely a trace of pores on your skin, lock in your makeup with a good setting spray. The fewer times you have to touch your face, even for touch-ups, the better. Just as with your liquid foundation and powder foundation, choose a formula that will leave you with a matte or semi-matte complexion to lock in makeup, but not accentuate your pores.

For a matte makeup look that lasts up to 16 hours, try Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist. It locks down your look with super long-wear and feels lightweight on the skin. The mister is ultra fine to give you the ultimate coverage with a super easy application. To apply a setting mist, gently mist the spray across your complexion in a T motion (across the forehead and down the nose/chin) and then in an X motion to ensure proper coverage. Use a clean makeup sponge to press the setting spray into your skin to secure your look and make touch-ups a thing of the past.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge to make large pores a thing of the past so that you too can have a more poreless-looking complexion!